People Development supports Veolia's organisational strategy to enhance and raise the level of attainment within our workplace; constantly having conversations with the business across UK & Ireland and Internationally to provide solutions, platforms and programs to help create a more dynamic, engaging and innovative workforce. The aim is to provide the skills and knowledge that will future-proof our organisation, filling skills gaps, identifying future leaders and providing our employees with the skillset and knowledge to drive our organisation into the future.

This eclectic mix of professionals, allows us to provide solutions often bespoke, across all sectors of the organisation. Seen as a global leader for Learning & Development, a combination of passion, drive and innovation are soul reasons why People Development UK & Ireland is the first point of call when it comes to developing our workforce.



The business constantly requires our staff to be up-to-date with training to continue to be efficient and perform at their maximum capacity. This is often regarding legislative qualifications that are regulated in order for the business to function. 

A combination of Compliance and Non-Compliance training including Risk & Assurance and Professional Development ensures we as an organisation are compliant with all laws that may affect our function. In the same essence, providing bespoke solutions that encourage high performing teams and aid the development for all of our people, regardless of their position. "Developing our People to Deliver a Difference".


In an ever-changing world, technology is at the forefront of all aspects in our day-to-day roles. Leaning on the knowledge and passion of our experts enables us to provide digital solutions providing eLearning, graphics, animated videos and quizzes and many other resources. helping raise the level of attainment and providing accurate analytics that emphasise the impact and value of this space.

Identifying trends that allow us to predict and forecast into the future, ensuring we provide what the business actually need, utilising platforms and content that is engaging and dynamic. Using SME's as experts and having regular communication to identify the best solution for the organisation. Constantly adapting and encouraging change with the use of new technology and software to create captivating resources.




The seamless link that the People Development Business Partners have with the organisation, communicating efficiently with all sectors of the business. Provides People Development with an understanding of what the business need and how we can provide multiple solutions as a service.  

The People Development BP's are integral to identifying skills gaps, predicting training requirements for the future and most importantly, encouraging a positive, honest and informative relationship with the business.