Learning and development categories

Learning and Development Categories

Campus offers learning and development programmes in the following categories:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Sales and Finance
  • QHSE
  • People Skills
  • Technology Skills
  • Driving Skills

 We now design and build bespoke programmes, courses and development initiatives - using blended learning methodologies - in line with business needs.


The Veolia Group is totally committed to developing its employees

Veolia values its people and believes that they contribute most effectively to the success of the business and achieve greater job satisfaction when they are provided with an open, stimulating and dynamic environment that encourages individual development. Campus Veolia is the internal training division of Veolia and can offer you a choice of effective programmes.


The goals of our training policy:

  • Professionalise our employees
  • Contribute to the group's mobility policy
  • Develop the culture of Veolia
  • Contribute to commercial development


5 action principles:

  1. Veolia trains Veolia
  2. Training concerns all levels of employee
  3. The skills acquired should be recognized
  4. Training relies on a shared investment
  5. Training has to aim at the broader elements

The goals of our training policy
Employees' knowledge and skills need to keep pace with the continuous technological improvements and efficiencies implemented in the word place.

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Link to file: goals-of-our-training-policy.pdf
Action principles in terms of training
Training and development are the shared responsibility of both the company and the employee. Therefore, training requires a joint commitment of both the employee and the management, supported by the trainers, mentors and tutors.

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