Campus Veolia UK

The staff of Campus Veolia UK has a realistic "can do" attitude backed up with years of vocational training experience.
The Group will continue to support the Centre because it feels passionately about the need to provide all employees with real and meaningful skills opportunities.


Innovation and Excellence

Veolia Executive Vice-President UK & Ireland

These are indeed exciting times where we live in a fast changing world whose market demands continuously push the boundaries of service delivery. Coupled with this scenario, our new one Veolia offers up a clear differentiator in the environmental market. The Veolia which is able to offer an innovative integrated water, energy and waste solution will clearly be well positioned to answer the ever increasing complexity of our customer's needs.

Our very own people play an enormous role in all of this as they are our ambassadors, as their expertise and professionalism are key elements that help us to win and retain business. Of course to stay ahead of our competition our staff must be trained to be the very best. This is where Campus Veolia plays an integral part in helping us to maintain the lead we have.

Whilst we recognise the importance and value of our own training and development programmes, it is always pleasing to hear third party endorsements of our capabilities. The United Kingdom's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills view Campus Veolia "as one of the leading adult learning establishments that provide Vocational Learning Programmes".

Furthermore Veolia genuinely believe in the apprenticeship scheme and have over 350 apprentices within the business at any one time. As such we are currently involved in the Government's Trailblazer programme that is looking how to revise the current apprenticeship schemes so that they are fit for the business of tomorrow. This leadership in shaping how apprenticeships are delivered is a key factor for the business as well as benefitting local communities that will help us stay ahead of the game.

From my perspective this commitment to our people is good for both parties. For our staff it equips them to learn and develop their careers as they wish. In turn this upskilling creates a wealth in the talent pool that gives us a competitive edge thanks to the innovation and excellence Campus Veolia brings.

With a team of close to 50 employees

Campus Veolia UK trained in 2013 close to 13,670 employees for 108,335 training hours


A tool for Veolia

Campus Veolia provides a number of training systems aimed at developing employee qualifications in order to meet every new environmental challenge.

The Centre has been established to give the opportunity for all Veolia employees to acquire skills, knowledge and increase competencies, enabling them to progress and achieve optimum performance levels within the Group. These programmes are written to national standards and are designed to help employees achieve group and national qualifications, diplomas and certificates.

The programmes encourage personal development and open up new career opportunities for employees across Veolia business units to work together and share experiences.


Campus training centre...

  • 800 m2
  • 5 classrooms
  • A kitchen and dining area
  • 36 parking spaces


...and a shop window for Veolia Group activities

A place for Veolia employees to meet and network, and discuss the extensive training programmes and partnerships with universities and other national awarding bodies.


Our projects for the future

The Board of Directors of the Campus Veolia UK has validated the projects thereafter presented:


  • Training provided will cover apprenticeships as well as ongoing needs



Campus Veolia UK will, over the next 5 years, be equipped to provide virtually all, if not all, of the training and development needs of the UK (and some Northern European) personnel


Group's operations

  • Training provided will cover all aspects of the VE Group's operations in the UK


National Vocational Qualification

  • The NVQ programme will be expanded and consolidated


Technical Expertise

The structure of the Campus Veolia UK will be modified, especially in the areas of apprenticeships, technical expertise and research