Meet Our Apprentices


Robyn Donaghy - Team Leader Management Apprenticeship
One of the main things I hope to gain from the apprenticeship is knowledge. As somebody who would like to become a team leader/manager in the future.

The apprenticeship allows you to reflect on situations and think about different ways of dealing with them. Also, having an accredited qualification is amazing.
Anne Desous - Business Administration
The main thing that attracted me to the business was the Veolia values. I liked the idea of working for a company that upholds certain standards and instilling those standards across the board.

I also knew there would be plenty of opportunity for progression within the company if I continued to progress and show how much I was willing to work hard.
Kyle James
Kyle James - Heavy Goods Vehicle Maintenance
What attracted me the most was how big the company is and how successful Veolia is. I just wanted to be a part of a very successful company and improve my skills and knowledge along the way.

I receive a lot of support off the team I work alongside. If I don’t understand something the team will take the time to explain it to me and help me gain the knowledge I need for the trade.

ROBYN DONAGHY, Team Leader Apprentice

The biggest impact the apprenticeship has had is it has made me more confident in myself and my decision making. I’ve also applied everything I've learned to my job role which has led to me being promoted and having more responsibility within my new role which is so rewarding. It’s also given me more opportunities to use the new skills I am learning whilst on this course.



Exceptional career prospects. Meaningful work. Superb benefits. There are all kinds of reasons to join Veolia. But don't take our word for it. Hear what some of our people say.

Adam Clayton
Adam Clayton - Accounts Payable Apprentice - Finance Department
I have family which work in Veolia and also knew a previous manager before working in Veolia so I already knew quite a bit about the company. Also, I didn’t want to go to University as I could study whilst working during the apprenticeship.

I have been given a great insight into how the finance system operates and also developing both social skills and skills within the system and excel.
Dean Phipps
Dean Phipps - Engineering Maintenance/Electrical Engineering
Veolia has a long and diverse history with an enviable reputation based upon its ethics and values. I saw the chance to work for such a company a great opportunity.

As part of my apprenticeship, I have completed a mechanical engineering course, started a HNC in electrical/electronic engineering whilst also undertaking my NVQ in engineering maintenance.
Joe Cotton
Joe Cotton - Operations and Maintenance (Electrical and Mechanical)
What attracted me the most was the functions and processes in an ERF which most outside people would not know about. Another aspect was how much opportunity there is to move up and go higher within the company.

I believe the main thing for me would be the fact that I am enjoying being here. I’m always doing something different which allows a broader view and understanding of the plant.

KYLE JAMES, Heavy Goods Vehicle Maintenance

The things I have achieved so far on my apprenticeship on the college side is keeping up to date on all my work and also passing all my end of block tests. In the workshop I have achieved being able to do certain jobs without guidance and after the job is complete letting my peers check the job. The feedback I’ve received is very positive and makes me proud.